Kingsman College is a new, purpose built teaching college for adults in South Birmingham.
We provide friendly, approachable, and people-centred learning for companies and individuals.

Our world-class training courses and qualifications includes:

  • L3 Award in Education and Training
  • First Aid
  • Healthcare
  • Health and Social Care
  • Health and Safety
  • Conflict Management Training
  • Use of Force Training/ Scenario Training
  • NLP

Our Vision
We want to remove the mental blocks in education, learning and development that hold people back in their lives and careers.

Our Strapline

“Engage. Educate. Inspire.”

This is our strapline. It contains our three core values. Our strapline also explains how we engage, educate and inspire every learner that chooses to study with us.


We strive hard to engage our learners in new and refreshing ways.

Kingsman College provides high quality, friendly and accessible learning. We know that many people have had negative experiences of school and training. This can put them off getting the education they need to grow and succeed. That’s why we guarantee that our college will give them them a totally different experience.

Although we take a fresh and people-focused approach, we remain a highly professional institution. Kingsman College offers world class teaching. Our team can be relied upon to deliver great results. We respect completely the people and companies who invest their time, money and effort with us.


We are proud to be leaders and innovators in education.

Kingsman College helps companies and people with all their training, development and and CPD needs. Companies can relax knowing their staff are receiving the best education available. By studying with us, people gain genuine and long-lasting career benefits.

Our trainers have long and successful backgrounds in their fields. All of our trainers still practice what they preach. This means they can give learners valuable insights and practical advice. In addition, our healthcare students will be taught in an immersive environment. This will give them a unique
set of benefits compared to students at traditional colleges.


We do everything we can to inspire our learners to succeed.

Kingsman College creates a supportive and open experience for all of our learners. We aim to do this before they join us, while they’re with us, and after they leave. To us, a Kingsman College learner is a learner for life.

All of our students and staff respect and look out for each other. Together, we strive for excellence across our full range of activities. As a student with us, every learner is encouraged to do more, be more – and to have the courage to dream big.